2015 Atlantic Dermatological Conference
April 24th—26th, 2015

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Sheraton Hotel
Center City Philadelphia

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Live Patient Viewing: A Mission of Serving Patients

The highlight of Atlantic Derm is our Live Patient Viewing, where doctors gather from across the country to view and discuss more than sixty live patients with exceptional diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.  Atlantic Derm members gather to learn and share new developments, but our patients are the reason why this conference remains true to its history – a case-based clinical conference.  
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Interactive Sessions

icon-student-appUsing the Socrative app on your smartphone, we hope to turn the meeting into an interactive conversation among experts! Our mission is to better facilitate audience learning and more effectively share invaluable information for the benefit of our patients. This conversation among conference attendees will be facilitated through the “Socrative” app which can be downloaded to smartphones or accessed online in the conference session at www.Socrative.com. Download the app to your smartphone! icon-app-store icon-chrome-web icon-google-play

Scientific Headlines
Gain insights into the appropriate laboratory studies and evaluations for psoriasis patients on systemic therapies. Abby vanVoorhees
Similar to diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, moderate to severe psoriasis increases the risk for cardiovascular events. Joel Gelfand
Bacteria play critical roles in psoriasis and eczema. Herbert Allen
Tonsillectomy may significantly decrease the burden of psoriasis in patients with recurrent Streptococcal infections. James Treat
Cutaneous lupus erythematosus significantly impacts quality of life. Victoria Werth
Anti-cd20 and anti-BAFF agents may provide novel therapeutic approaches for pemphigus. Aimee Payne
Personal experience is powerful, but not generalizable. Joslyn Kirby
Critically read tables and figures to uncover the hidden meaning. Joslyn Kirby
Severe cases of DRESS/DISH with documented HHV6 reactivation may benefit from adjuvant Ganciclovir. Warren Heyman
Kappa opioids such as Butrophenol are effective treatment for severe intractable chronic itch. Gil Yosipovitch
Topical compounded drugs that target ion channels in skin nerves have anti-pruritic effect. Gil Yosipovitch
A nail unit biopsy will have the highest yield when taken from the anatomic area that is the origin of the clinical sign. Adam Rubin
Most dysplastic nevi even with positive pathology margins can be followed clinically. Rosalie Elenitsas
Dermatoscopy can decrease the number of benign biopsies for every biopsy detecting melanoma. Jason Lee
Preserving scarce donor organs may demand pre-transplant wait periods for patients with a history of high-risk squamous cell carcinomas. Christina Chung
Hair follicle stem cells are intact in the balding scalp. George Cotsarellis
Assessing efficacy of and toxicity from melanoma immunotherapies requires new approaches different from those used with traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy. Tara Gangadhar
Several factors not included in AJCC staging of melanoma convey important prognostic information. Michael Ming
Somatic mutation profiling of melanoma tissue is used to predict response to treatment. Emily Chu
Complete pathologic assessment of melanoma and excision margins prior to reconstruction improves staging and management. Christopher Miller
Activation of innate immunity with Toll-like receptor agonists can be highly beneficial for treatment of CTCL. Alain Rook
Careful attention to the static and dynamic 3-dimensional changes in facial aging can lead to optimal rejuvenation with fillers and neurotoxins. Anthony V. Benedetto
Select the proper sclerosant agent and concentration to treat varicose and telangiectatic leg veins. Todd Cartee

2015 Atlantic Derm Poster Session

Visit the Poster/Abstract Exhibits

This year the 2015 Atlantic Derm will feature a brand new poster abstract session.  With submissions from US and Canadian dermatologists, we hope you stop by and view the exciting scientific and clinical poster submissions.   The top three abstract authors will be presenting their work at Sunday's scientific session. Abstract submission is now closed.  

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